Whitefish Turkey Trot | Thanksgiving 2019

I have challenged the students to enter the Whitefish Turkey Trot with me on Thursday, November 27, 2019. Well, I registered today November 17th. Just 10 days away. I think it will be the perfect day and I like that the money goes to the food bank! We’ve been working on our intervals, but itContinue reading “Whitefish Turkey Trot | Thanksgiving 2019”

ELA Wonders | Unit One/Week One | Storytime | What can stories teach you?

Unit One Theme: The Big Idea  How can learning help us grow? Weekly Concept: Storytime Essential Question: What can stories teach you? What stories have inspired you? What new discoveries have you made after reading stories? What else can you learn from stories? Have students discuss in pairs or groups. Model using the Concept Web to generate words and phrasesContinue reading “ELA Wonders | Unit One/Week One | Storytime | What can stories teach you?”

Mr. Brown and Goldilocks Bully

We have been working on a play in the classroom about my puppet Alex who is having trouble at school with a new girl who just happens to be named Goldilocks. She is calling names and throwing things on the playground. Alex has appealed to Mr. Brown for help. mr.brownbullyplay.pdf This is what I haveContinue reading “Mr. Brown and Goldilocks Bully”

ELA: Lesson Zero • Week Two | Desert Meerkats

Animal Groups Genre: Informational Text We will read about meerkats, animals that live in southwest Africa in groups called a “mob.” Desert Meerkats is an expository text or informational text that Gives facts and information about a topic. Includes text features such as photos, captions, headings, sidebars, graphs and maps. NoteTaking We will note anyContinue reading “ELA: Lesson Zero • Week Two | Desert Meerkats”

Lesson Zero • Day One

We will read 3-4 stories for each section that highlight each skill. Your child should be able to access all the stories etc at home on the McGrawHill ConnectEd site. Genre: folktales. Folktales are based on the traditions and beliefs of a people. Folktales are passed down from generation to generation. Students may find oralContinue reading “Lesson Zero • Day One”

Eureka Math Lesson One

Objective: Understand equal groups of as multiplication. Application Problem (10 minutes) There are 83 girls and 76 boys in the third grade. How many total students are in the third grade? Concept Development Problem 1: Skip-count to find the total number of objects. (Select 10 students to come to the front.) At the signal, sayContinue reading “Eureka Math Lesson One”

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