Our PAX Classroom

I better my world, I better myself, I am a PAX Leader

We will have a PAX classroom

PAX is the latin word for peace and works to promote PEACE • PRODUCTIVITY • HEALTH • HAPPINESS in the classroom. This year I also think we are going to add Positivity to our PAX Vision.

What is the PAX Good Behavior Game?

The PAX Good Behavior Game produces powerful prevention results in the classroom and increases academic achievement.

The PAXIS Institute was founded by Dennis D. Embry, Ph.D. The PAXIS Institute identifies and connects the best science and wisdom to maximize the peace, productivity, health and happiness of individuals, families, organizations, and communities everywhere.


Each class will create a PAX Vision which includes what students would like to see, hear, feel and do more of as well as what students decide they would like to experience less of. Our classroom PAX VISION is a living document and is open to change throughout the year.

PAX Motto


The PAX Motto is I better my world, I better myself. I am a PAX Leader and students are taught skills to help them develop into community and school leaders.

We will be working on creating papier-mâché  globes in our classrooms so students can learn not only basic SS and geography skills while developing empathy for other students in our classroom, community and around the planet.

Published by Jackie Marie Beyer

I grew up on Long Island about 20 miles from NYC. When I was in 4th grade I read Sasha, My Friend by Barbara Corcoran which is a story about a little girl who moves to her dad’s Christmas tree farm in northwest Montana. From that day on I was determined to move there and when I was 21 I entered the University of Montana in Missoula. During my junior year I met my husband on a mountainside and we have been happily married for over 25 years now! I have had such an exciting life, traveling all around the United States, mostly in the Northwest corner and back and forth between Montana and NYC. When I am not in the classroom, I spend most of my time in Montana’s National Forests, collecting firewood, picking wildflowers, gathering mushrooms, searching for antlers, or just sighting a majestic mountain view! I love to hike with my friends and family and paint the things that I see and find, creating stories to share!

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